Report and Analytics

Provision of the history and real-time data acquisition on an interface that is intuitive and easy to interpret, saving time on analyses.

The presentation of the results is fundamental to a good management system. Thus, S2i in this module attempts to address its partners’ needs, presenting different analysis levels, from simple listing and reports to more analytical solutions.

S2i thus has a module that allows access to simple reports. These are the results of a relatively static process, designed to carry out certain actions without sophisticated connections. However, it also has an analytical solution, considered to be the next step, making it possible to obtain and process data in a smart, integrated manner, with patterns and trends.

This integration allows for a more in-depth understanding of the actions and behavior that led to the existence of these data. In other words, it allows for the analysis of what is behind the data and the relationships between them.

Therefore, S2i is not only prepared to provide results in more static reports, but also to take the next step and present analytical results.

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