Training and Educational Games

Possibility of managing and promoting learning in a virtual environment, providing access to content quickly and interactively, both in terms of individual and of group learning.

Many farmers in underdeveloped countries do not have access to appropriate training where they can solidify their sometimes meagre knowledge. With this problem in mind, an app was created for Android cellphones which, through a variety of educational games, makes it possible to create an environment that is not only educational, but also entertaining, aimed at providing micro-training to smallholder farmers so that they can assess their knowledge of a wide variety of topics related to their work.

The games are based on a questionnaire where there are different possibilities for answering: multiple choice, association, simple choice and sentences to complete. This game thus becomes quite intuitive for any individual and the questions are direct and objective in nature.

Apart from these games, the app also has educational videos, which can be viewed whenever the user wants. This vital element, which is an integral part of the app, makes it possible to consolidate existing knowledge and, at the same time, teach farmers about other topics of relevance to their work.

All the interactions related to the app are recorded and then synchronized with the central system. This makes it possible to check a wide variety of statistical data – who plays, when they play, type of game, how long the videos are watched, which questions get more wrong answers and much more. Therefore, the prime goal of this app is to make every effort to teach and monitor through analyzing the wrong answers in order to correct mistakes and help farmers achieve their potential.

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