Biometric recognition is the added security S2i offers its partners, ensuring there are no exchanges of farmer identity and guaranteeing a reliable connection between the farmer and his/her account.

Biometrics is being used more and more in our everyday lives as it is a mechanism that adds greater security for private data management. Biometrics is the study of the physical and behavioral characteristics of living beings. This concept is used as a means of identifying an individual through their unique characteristics.

The main elements of a biometric system are capture, extraction and comparison. In the first element, there is the possibility of acquiring a biometric sample in order to identify an individual. In extraction, a sample of unique biological information is selected so that the identification can be made. The result of this selection is called a biometric signature, which is nothing more than a set of data to be used in future comparisons.

S2i uses facial recognition, thus ensuring the most secure way of gaining access to the data in a farmer’s account, as well as authenticating commercial or other transactions.

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