Climate and Soil Analysis

Weather conditions and soil quality are vital for increasing agricultural production. This is why it is essential to have a module capable of gathering and analyzing this information.

These are the characteristics defined by environmental factors, such as the climate, relief, lithology, temperature, relative humidity, radiation, soil type, wind, atmospheric composition and rainfall. Climate and soil conditions are related to the influence of soils on living beings, in particular organisms in the plant kingdom, including the use of the land by man in order to stimulate plant growth.

Using telemetry, S2i has the capability to combine the acquisition of data obtained via satellite, UAV (drones), weather stations and ground sensors, providing its partners with data, such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, hours of sunlight, relative humidity, soil pH, etc. The processing of these data allows our partners to make more informed decisions that are aimed at the results they are looking for.

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