Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

The application of the principles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the combination of script language and scientific information make it possible to adjust the models to the operating conditions.

In farming, artificial intelligence is a staunch ally for sustainable, faster and more lucrative production. Innovative technology can deliver more expressive results on crops and harvests using the same amount of land. With the machine learning technique, information can be cross-referenced and patterns can be detected, thus making it possible to identify, for example, a part of the farm that has a low quantity of nutrients in the soil or where there is a lack of water. These facts are detected far sooner than the farmer would notice them.

The interpretation of the continuously collected data (from different sources, such as GPS, drones, satellites, field, etc.) allows the response time to be shortened, thus minimizing risks and maximizing production control. This makes it possible to take preventive action on the risk of occurrence of pests, diseases, climate events or other threats that could be harmful to the crops.

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