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Why S2i

S2i is a smart and integrative digital platform that presents innovative solutions that are automated for the agricultural sector, particularly for Contract Farming, paying particular attention to management, control and monitoring.

Prepared to collect, integrate, store and process a massive quantity of data, it makes research and information analysis faster and simpler and, using analytical mechanisms, extracts useful, accurate information for smarter and more efficient decision-making.

Technological innovations provide more agility, autonomy, connectivity and integration to production and management processes.

The diversity of operating resources available in S2i makes it possible to assure tailor-made solutions for each one of our clients. Tell us about your challenge.


To generate innovative and automated digital solutions for the farming sector value chain, driving production optimization at every stage and providing for a more lucrative, sustainable and transparent system.


The S2i vision proposes the use of equipment capable of optimizing farm production, as well as generating knowledge and solutions using the IoT, decision support systems and machine learning.

What makes S2I different from all the other solutions?

Web Platform

Available in SaaS (Software as a Service) format, the Web platform reduces the initial investment in software and infrastructure acquisition, as well as maintenance.


It allows for integrated management, irrespective of the size and the features that prove to be necessary.


All communication is encrypted with SSL certificates.


A Service Level Agreement (SLA) that can include a 24/7 service with a 1-hour response time.

Android Mobile Platform

Bearing in mind the operating restrictions in remote areas, a version is provided that operates in disconnected mode, with all the information being synchronized later.


In accordance with the goals and needs identified by each customer.


According to a DR&BC (Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity) plan, with backups, schedules and infrastructure redundancy.

The S2i response to precision farming challenges

The growth of the world population, the intense pressure on natural resources and climate change challenge the entire farming system to produce more, waste less and market better, based on sustainability and transparency throughout the entire farming process.

The introduction of a set of digital technologies that are integrated and connected using systems and equipment capable of optimizing farm production at every step. Technological innovations provide more agility, autonomy, connectivity and integration to production and management processes. In addition, it provides farmers with tools and constant real-time information on production, which allow them to work precisely and use their time and resources more efficiently.

S2i for Farming was developed in 2012, aimed at Contract Farming, with the development of a document management system and process management throughout the entire production cycle, from the enrollment of farmers, georeferencing of areas to be cultivated, extensionist activities, delivery of production factors, evolution monitoring and purchases of cultivated crops to payment and settlement of debts.

With a sophisticated search engine, it has become possible to relate entities, forms, processes and documents in a way that makes access to information faster and easier.

The use of the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) method of continuous improvement and, no less importantly, the need felt by clients resulted in S2i evolving to a Web platform, RIA (Rich Internet Applications).

The questions being asked by our clients led us to design new tools based on technological development and to be capable of responding to the challenges presented by Agriculture 4.0.

Examples of this are:

Use of artificial intelligence, an SIG tool and IoT, that provide decision-makers with analytical data so that they can monitor the entire process in real time, carry out efficient operations and implement practices aimed at more production, productivity and profit.
The prediction models adapted to the evolution of each campaign through the acquisition of weather data, onsite enrollment with field sensors and photointerpretation of images captured by drones or robots. We have a strong S2i Mobile component, which uses mobile devices, portable printers and electronic scales, all connected to each other via Bluetooth.
Fleet monitoring and management.
The educational side through training and educational games.

We are attentive to the needs of the community. We have developed a tool that brings commercial agents closer to the rural world through integration with payment platforms from different services, such as electricity and mobile communications operations, which makes farmers’ living conditions easier.

S2i is now an Integrated Information System that is evolutive, capable of providing smart solutions and optimized for the challenges presented by precision farming, irrespective of the size or geographic spread of the company.

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