The increasing need to produce has led to automation in agricultural being a natural next step. S2i includes the management of several automated agricultural processes, from fleet management, collection of data from drones and sensors and weighing on scales with a direct Bluetooth connection from the system to an ATM for payment of the farmers.

Automation in farming means delegating monotonous, repetitive tasks to machines and computer programs capable of carrying them out autonomously.

The farmer is thus left free to deal with more strategic issues and find solutions for more pressing issues in the field.

Automation in farming is aimed at:

Increasing productivity as the equipment can operate on much longer shifts;
Efficiency as machines can be much more accurate than humans;
Reducing errors, avoiding human error in the process;
Reducing risks as the presence of different sources of sensory data makes it possible to anticipate weather conditions that could be harmful to the crop or even identify shortages of nutrients in the plantation;
Improving production monitoring so that the farmer is much more holistically aware of everything that is going on.

S2i is prepared to manage a fleet of vehicles or machinery by equipping them with GPS, which is always in direct contact with the system, making it possible to create a history of routes, uses and consumption.
It is also prepared to receive fast and accurate information from scales linked to it via Bluetooth, which ensures accuracy and transparency in the weighing process.

S2i also has ATMs made especially for installation in vehicles so that payment to the farmers is carried out immediately in a secure, transparent and rapid manner. This ensures that in communities where yield is often low and they would normally have to wait weeks for payment, they get paid immediately after the crop is weighed.

UAV flight plans can also be defined, whether for capturing aerial footage or for scheduling the application of inputs.

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