About S2i Software

Why S2i

S2i is an intelligent and integrative digital platform that presents innovative and automated solutions for various sectors of activity, with special attention to management, control and monitoring.

Prepared to collect, integrate, store and process a massive quantity of data, it makes research and information analysis faster and simpler and, using analytical mechanisms, extracts useful, accurate information for smarter and more efficient decision-making.

Technological innovations provide more agility, autonomy, connectivity and integration to production and management processes.

The diversity of operating resources available in S2i makes it possible to assure tailor-made solutions for each one of our clients. Tell us about your challenge.


Generate innovative and automated digital solutions, driving production optimization at all stages and providing a more profitable, sustainable, and transparent system.


The S2i vision proposes the use of equipment capable of optimizing production, as well as generating knowledge and solutions using IoT, decision support systems, and machine learning.

Operating Countries

Operating Countries

What makes S2I different from all the other solutions?

Web Platform

Available in SaaS (Software as a Service) format, the Web platform reduces the initial investment in software and infrastructure acquisition, as well as maintenance.


It allows for integrated management, irrespective of the size and the features that prove to be necessary.


All communication is encrypted with SSL certificates.


A Service Level Agreement (SLA) that can include a 24/7 service with a 1-hour response time.

Android Mobile Platform

Bearing in mind the operating restrictions in remote areas, a version is provided that operates in disconnected mode, with all the information being synchronized later.


In accordance with the goals and needs identified by each customer.


According to a DR&BC (Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity) plan, with bakcups, schedules and infrastructure redundancy.

Be part of the S2i users and simplify the management of your business!

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